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Millions of Books


We are Millions of Books! We are a service provided by Schwabe Books, designed to help fulfill your large-quantity book needs. What does that mean?  It means the world’s largest selection of books!  We have every type of book you could ever desire.  Every subject, every category, every binding, everything you could imagine

Popular Industries

We Frequently Serve

Books for the Interior Design Industry

Interior Design and Residential Staging

We’ve supplied interior designers for over 30 years with all types of books.

Filming Locations

Millions of Books has 4 locations in the Los Angeles area available for filming projects.

Books for the Residential Staging Industry
Books for Hollywood Movie Set Industry

Movie Set Design

With our location in the heart of the movie industry, we’ve worked with set designers for decades.

Personal Library Collections

Get an instant library! Need a hundred art books as a gift to an aspiring artist?

Books for the Private Collections Industry